When it comes to high efficiency and quality water heaters no one comes close to matching our expertise. At Erichsen’s Fuel Service we professionally install a wide range of water heaters to best suit your needs. We are always glad to provide consultations. For more information about our products and services, please feel free to browse our Web site or call today!

Our Most Popular Water Heaters

htpSuperstor Ultra

A culmination of 25 years of indirect system manufacturing experience. The SuperStor Ultra Indirect Water Heater draws energy from a boiler and thus does not need its own heat source. Hot boiler water flows through an internal heat exchanger in the tank, heating the domestic water. The SuperStor Ultra boasts 3-5 times more recovery than conventional gas-fired or electric water heaters.



A.O. Smith is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of residential and commercial water heating equipment, offering a comprehensive product line featuring the best-known brands in North America and China.


Multiple models available, ranging from 2.5- to 80-gallon capacities. GE also offers energy-efficient designs, large-capacity tanks, point-of-use and high-altitude models



The Hotline indirect water heater supplies plentiful amounts of hot water faster and more efficiently for today’s active and busy lifestyle. Working in conjunction with a gas or oil-fired boiler, the Hotline achieves recovery rates three to five times faster than a standard water heater, making it the ideal choice for residential and light commercial applications.

The Hotline will pay greater returns on your initial investment with substantially lower water heating costs. A two-inch layer of environmentally friendly CFC-free foam insulation enhances efficiency by maintaining high internal tank temperatures therefore reducing fuel bills.